Conscience Protection

HHS Edict Threatens Religious Liberty

The Issue 
Did you know that the HHS mandate forces coverage of sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs and devices as well as contraception?  Find out more information you should know from the links below. 
Take Action 
What can you do to ensure the protection of religious freedom? To learn more about our first freedom, and to send your message to HHS and Congress telling them to stand up for religious liberty and conscience rights, go to  today! Thank you for joining the effort to end this unprecedented government coercion of conscience and intrusion in religious affairs.  Please join your voice with theirs and with the many organizations — Catholic and non-Catholic — who are fighting for religious liberty and conscience rights.
Contact Information For Your Members of Congress
– Elected Official Look-Up
– NCHLA Conscience Protection
– Text the word “FREEDOM” to 377377  and sign up for text messages to stay up-to-date on current religious freedom issues.

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Twelve Things Everyone Should Know About the “Contraceptive Mandate”
 – Religious Liberty Information
The HHS Mandate Information
Prayer Resources for Conscience Rights and Religious Freedom
Religious Liberty and Religious Toleration  by Fr. Paul Fisher
–  Bishop McFadden’s Letter on Religious Liberty,  Feb. 24, 2012  –  Español
 – Bishop McFadden’s Letter Jan. 27, 2012   –  Español 
Pennsylvania Catholic Conference
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
National committee for A Human Life Amendment 
 Bulletin Inserts
 – September-October 2012 English (379)    
 – Septiembre-Octubre de 2012 (269)
 – September-October B/W (286)
 – Septiembre-Octubre de 2012 B/W (257)
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