Diocesan Offices

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Secretariat for Administrative Services717-657-4804
Office of Adult Education and Catechist Formation717-657-4804
Archives Department717-657-4804717-657-1573
Office of the Bishop717-657-4804717-657-1370
Black Catholic Apostolate717-232-6285
Department for Buildings and Properties717-657-4804
Office of Catholic Cemeteries717-657-4804
Secretariat for Catholic Life and Evangelization717-657-4804
Department for Catholic Schools717-657-4804
The Catholic Witness717-657-4804717-657-7673
Office of the Chancellor717-657-4804
Secretariat for Clergy and Consecrated Life717-657-4804
Office of Communication717-657-4804717-657-7673
Office of Consecrated Life717-657-4804
Office of Continuing Formation for Permanent Deacons
Office for Continuing Formation for Priests717-657-4804
Office for Deacons717-657-4804
Office of Development717-657-4804
Office of Diocesan Accounting717-657-4804
Office of Ecumenical & Inter-religious Affairs570-275-2512
Secretariat for Education717-657-4804717-657-3790
Office of Evangelization717-657-4804
Office of Family Ministries717-657-4804
Harrisburg Catholic Administrative Services717-657-4804717-671-7021
Hispanic Apostolate717-657-4804
Office of Human Resources717-657-4804
Office of Information Technology717-657-4804717-657-8757
Korean Apostolate717-774-2728
Office of Liturgy, Worship and Prayer717-657-4804717-657-2453
Office for Ministry Development717-657-4804717-657-4041
Office of Ministry with People with Disabilities717-657-4804
Office of Missions717-657-4804
Office of Parish and School Acounting717-657-4804
Office of Payroll and Employee Benefits717-657-4804
Office for Priests717-657-4804
Office of Property- Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance717-657-4804
Department of Religious Education717-657-4804
Office of Respect Life Activities717-657-4804717-657-4042
Office of the Vicar General717-657-4804717-657-2453
Vietnamese Apostolate717-392-2225
Office of Vocations717-657-4804717-657-4042
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry717-657-4804
Youth Protection717-657-4804
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