Diocesan Conference of Health Care Ministers Guidelines

The Diocesan Conference of Health Care Ministers consists of those health
care ministers approved by the Bishop for ministry in health care facilities.

Purpose of the Conference

The Conference exists in order to:
1. Convene members of the conference to formulate and present to the
Bishop the concerns of the ministers.
2. Provide a resource and support group for those in the health care ministry.
3. Assist in the formulation of diocesan policy and procedures with regard to
health care ministry.
4. Assist in proposing standards for the education of all health care ministers.
5. Sponsor special enrichment programs for all involved in the pastoral care
of the sick.

Role of the Secretary for Catholic Life and Evangelization

1. The conference communicates to the Bishop as a corporate body through the
2. The Secretary publishes the minutes of the conference meetings.
3. The Secretary’s office provides staff service to the conference.
4. The Secretary visits each chaplain in his/her ministry and acts as an
individual liaison between chaplain and the Bishop. The Secretary acts as
a resource for the Diocesan Priests’ Personnel Committee regarding the
appointment of hospital chaplains.


The chairperson of the Conference is elected for two years by the majority vote of
the members present at the winter meeting.


The chairperson, along with the Secretary for Catholic Life and Evangelization
will designate committees as needed. The Secretary is an ex-officio member of all
An Executive Committee, appointed by the Chairperson, will assist in the
directing of Conference matters.


There will be three Conference meetings a year: Spring, Fall and Winter. One
meeting will be reserved for the attendance of the Bishop. A majority of members must
be present to constitute a quorum.

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