Bishop’s Annual Lenten Appeal

Bishop’s Annual Lenten Appeal 2014

Services Supported by the Appeal

“Our genuine love for Christ leads us to generous service to all our brothers and sisters, especially those in difficulty and need.  May we go forth this Lent, renewed in spirit and in our commitment to respond wholeheartedly to the Lord’s call, and to “Build My Church” and make His love touch the lives of the hurting and wounded in our community.” – Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Because of your generosity to the Lenten Appeal, individuals, families, and local communities experience the merciful presence of Christ through the many services and outreach programs provided throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg.Consider the multitude of children who are taught the faith through our Catholic schools and religious education programs. See how the boundaries of our Church extend beyond our own properties to the young adults benefiting from campus ministry programs, the retreats and camps meeting the needs of the spiritually and physically limited, the values of integrity and honor being taught to the youth in our scouting programs. From parish offices to athletic fields, the work of faith begins with worship and reaches out toward every dimension of our lives to fashion a society that reveres the dignity of life and safeguards the inalienable values which make us truly human.Through the Bishop’s Annual Lenten Appeal, you sustain these programs and works of mercy.

Lenten Appeal Letter – English

Carta de la Campaña Anual de Cuaresma del Obispo 2015


How You Can Donate
  • At the Parish:   Your parish office is ready to accept your pledge via cash or check. Checks are to be made payable to the parish and are to be mailed or delivered to the parish office directly.
  • Online:  To charge your donation to Mastercard or Visa, simply click the “Donate Now” button above.
  • Phone Assistance:   Still not sure which way you’d like to participate this year? Give your parish office a call, or contact the Diocese of Harrisburg’s Lenten Appeal Office at 717-657-4804, ext. 336.

COMMUNICATIONS The Church makes use of various forms of communication in today’s world to share the Good NBishop Ronald Gainer speaking on the radio.ews with others. The Lenten Appeal directly supports the diocese’s diverse communication efforts to evangelize with today’s media. These vehicles include the diocesan Web site, The Catholic Witness newspaper in print and on the Web, social media efforts such as an active Facebook page and YouTube channel accessible via the diocesan Web site, the Insight monthly e-newsletter, radio broadcasts and television programming. These vehicles of communication yield countless opportunities to spread the Church’s mission and to support the good works of the various ministries of the diocese and its parishes.

122112-LOURDES-girl-praying EDUCATION The Lenten Appeal provides support for a variety of educational opportunities, whether in a school, parish or diocesan setting, regarding instruction in the faith. The Diocese educates 11,606 in its 35 elementary schools, 7 secondary schools, pre-school and kindergarten programs. 16,633 attending public schools received religious instruction in 89 parish programs of religious education. Adult education is provided through the Diocesan Institute, in parish-based programs as well as through the Rite of Christian Initiation and the continuing education for priests and deacons.

EVANGELIZATION Evangelization is fundamental to the overall mission of the Church. It is always rooted in faith and involves a personal encounter with Jesus Christ that leads to a profound experience of conversion. All are called to know Christ and to make Him known to others. This is the responsibility of the entire Church and is securely located in the activity of the local Church, both at the parish and diocesan levels. This is accomplished in a myriad of opportunities: from Bible study; to retreat experiences; through youth programs and activities; by chaplains in hospitals and prisons; through missionary activity both at home and abroad; through marriage preparation and sacramental formation; as well as outreach in soup kitchens, food pantries, refugee resettlement and in meeting cultural needs of those from other lands.

 Babies at Catholic Charities HUMAN SERVICES Support for the Lenten Appeal provides funding for the programs and activities of Catholic Charities, including Adoption and Foster Care programs, Homes for Healing – Lourdeshouse, The Interfaith Shelter for Homeless Families, Evergreen House and Hope House – Paradise School and the Bishop Dattilo Retirement Residence for priests. Funding is also provided to meet the temporal needs of the diocese and to assist parishes in becoming good stewards with sound financial practices and review.

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