Sacred Heart of Jesus – Lewistown

Sacred Heart of Jesus
106 N. Dorcus St.
Lewistown PA 17044

9 North Brown Street
Lewistown PA 17044
Office: 717-242-2781
Fax: 717-447-0058

Church, Parking, Restrooms
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Name sort downsort upTitleOfficeOtherCell
Rev William M Weary Pastor717-242-2781
Dr. Joe Maginnis Principal
Mrs Annemarie Swineford Clerical Secretary717-242-2781
Mrs Susan Parzanese Development/Finance717-242-2781
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Weekend MassVigil04:00PM
Weekend MassSunday07:30AM
Weekend MassSunday11:00AM
Weekday MassMonday07:00AM
Weekday MassTuesday07:00AM
Weekday MassWednesday07:00PM
Sacrament of PenanceWednesday06:30PM
Weekday MassThursday07:00AM
Weekday MassThursday09:00AMDuring School Year
Weekday MassFriday07:00AM
AdorationFriday07:30AMuntil 8:00 PM (First Friday Only)
Weekday MassSaturday08:00AM
Sacrament of PenanceSaturday03:00PMto 3:45 PM
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