St Catherine Laboure – Harrisburg

Saint Catherine Laboure
4000 Derry Street
Harrisburg PA 17111
Office: 717-564-1321
Fax: 717-564-8822
Rectory: 717-564-1321
Religious Education: 717-564-1321

Church, Parking, Restrooms, Social Hall
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Name sort downsort upTitleOfficeOtherCell
Rev Neil S Sullivan MDiv MAPastor717-564-1321 x 101717-657-2453
Rev Msgr Vincent J Topper In Residence717-564-1321
Rev Jordan F Hite TOR JD JCLIn Residence717-564-1321 x 114
Deacon Thomas A Fedor Deacon717-564-1321
Deacon Thomas H Flannery Deacon717-564-1321
Deacon John C Heil Deacon
Mr Mark Frey Business Manager717-564-1321 x 104
Miss Kathleen Sperry Secretary717-564-1321 x 100
Mrs Sharon Martin Bookkeeper717-564-1321 x 106
Mr Andrea Valella Staff Assistant717-564-1321 x 111
Mrs Margaret Bollinger Stewardship/Youth Protection717-564-1321 x 133
Mrs Joreen Kelly Director of Music
Mrs Becky Fair Director, Adult Faith Formation717-564-1321 x 132
Mrs Kristi Jenkins Director, Youth Faith Formation717-564-1321 x 105
Ms Angie Harter Leader, Youth Ministry717-564-1321 x 107
Mr Robert Gioffre Funeral/Bereavement Ministry717-564-1321 x 108
Sr Elizabeth Ann Motz IHMPastoral Care of the Sick/Outreach717-564-1321 x 134
Mr James Rodriguez Buildings & Grounds Supervisor717-564-1321 x 127
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Associated LocationAddressCityPhoneWebsite
Saint Catherine Laboure Convent4010 Derry StreetHarrisburg717-745-4134
Saint Catherine Laboure School4020 Derry StreetHarrisburg717-564-1760
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Weekend MassVigil04:30PM
Weekend MassSunday07:30AM
Sacrament of PenanceSunday08:45AMto 09:15 AM
Weekend MassSunday09:30AM
Weekend MassSunday11:30AM
Weekend MassSunday07:00PM
Weekday MassMonday06:45AM
Weekday MassMonday09:00AM
Sacrament of PenanceMondayAfter 7:00 PM Novena
Weekday MassTuesday06:45AM
Weekday MassTuesday09:00AM
Weekday MassWednesday06:45AM
Weekday MassWednesday09:00AM
Weekday MassThursday06:45AM
Weekday MassThursday09:00AM
Weekday MassFriday06:45AM
Weekday MassFriday09:00AM
Weekday MassSaturday09:00AM
Sacrament of PenanceSaturday03:30PMto 04:15 PM
Sacrament of PenanceSaturday06:00PMto 06:30 PM
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