St Joan of Arc – Hershey

Saint Joan of Arc
359 West Areba Avenue
Hershey PA 17033
Office: 717-533-7168
Fax: 717-520-0526

Church, Parking, Restrooms, Social Hall
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Name sort downsort upTitleOfficeOtherCell
Rev Alfred P Sceski VFPastor717-533-7168 x 102
Rev Steven Arena Parochial Vicar717-533-7168 x 104
Dr Rodrigue Mortel MDDeacon717-533-7168
Barbara Hasson Parish Manager717-533-7168 x 107
Michelle Gutshall Finance Manager717-533-7168 x 103
Beth Palmer Music Director717-533-7168 x 109
John Triscik Youth Ministry Coordinator717-533-7168 x 128
Earl Tropp Director of Religious Education717-533-7168 x 122
Marcie Warner Director of Religious Education717-533-7168 x 112
Jackie Abel Director of Communications and Development717-533-7168 x 121
Susan Robison Parish Secretary717-533-7168 x 100
Mary Butch Secretary717-533-7168 x 115
Betty Roksandic REP Secretary717-533-7168 x 124
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Weekend MassVigil05:15PM
Holy Day MassVigil05:15PM
Weekend MassSunday05:30PM
Weekend MassSunday07:30AM
Weekend MassSunday09:00AM
Weekend MassSunday10:30AM
Weekend MassSunday12:00PM
Weekday MassMonday06:45AM
Weekday MassMonday09:00AM
Weekday MassTuesday06:45AM
Weekday MassTuesday09:00AM
Weekday MassWednesday06:45AM
Weekday MassWednesday09:00AM
Sacrament of PenanceWednesday05:00PMto 05:30 PM
Weekday MassThursday06:45AM
Weekday MassThursday09:00AM
Weekday MassFriday06:45AM
Weekday MassFriday09:00AM
AdorationFriday09:00AMExposition of the Blessed Sacrament is on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from after the 9:00 AM Mass until 9:45 PM closing
Weekday MassSaturday06:45AM
Weekday MassSaturday09:00AM
Sacrament of PenanceSaturday04:00PMto 04:45 PM
Holy Day MassHoly Day06:45AM
Holy Day MassHoly Day07:00PM
Holy Day MassHoly Day09:00AM
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