Ordination 2019: Father Joshua Weaver

Father Joshua Weaver
Parochial Vicar, St. Catherine Labouré Parish, Harrisburg
Chaplain at Bishop McDevitt High School, Harrisburg
From St. Joseph Parish in Mechanicsburg
Trinity High School
Mount St. Mary’s University
St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

When did you first hear or consider the call to be a priest?
It really took off in college. I met this girl who was really awesome, and as I was going out with her, she was very involved in her faith. I knew that the best way to be the best boyfriend possible was that I would need to fall in love with Christ in order to be a better boyfriend and, if God willed it, a better husband for her. I committed myself to really try to grow in my faith. She and I went to daily Mass together, we prayed together, we talked about the faith together. We really pushed each other to grow in virtue and grow in relationship with Christ. It was through that relationship of growing closer to Christ – initially motivated by her – that when he eventually did call and started speaking to me to tell me that he wanted me to enter the seminary, I was actually able to hear it.