Silence within Listening

As a child, I was thrilled to wait for the school bus in the morning. It meant I could “play” with other students from my school and interact with those who were both younger and older than I. Looking back, I can now understand that the simple act of waiting for the school bus broadened my personal understanding of what community is all about, because I welcomed everyone into my field of perception.

Recently, as I drove to work during the first week of school, I was saddened to see this scene:  Very close to the Diocesan Center, a group of students wait for their buses. At this stop, there are high school, middle school and elementary students. As I drove past them, I noticed that every one of them had ear buds in their ears and they were all paying attention to their phones, either standing or sitting at the curb in complete silence. They were completely engrossed inwardly to noise coming from their ear buds.