Listening from Within

Recently, I spent a wonderful four-day weekend on Lake Ariel in upstate Pennsylvania with my sister, brother-in-law and 8-year-old nephew.

My nephew, Johnnie, was born in eastern Long Island in wonderful suburbia and is somewhat of a daredevil. However, the outdoor experience and rural living is a bit alien to him. I totally enjoyed showing him tiny things of nature. For instance, I picked up a daddy long-legger and held it in midair. In response, he jumped away from me, quivering. “Aunt Sister, please put it down!” I giggled quietly, gently put the creature gently on the ground and assisted Johnnie in studying how it moved. I told him about the differences between spiders and daddy long-leggers. I found myself going with him to look for cob webs in order to identify daddy long-leggers and their particular webs. By talking about the webs and the spiders, he became less afraid. I was amazed that he listened not just with his mind, but also with his heart.