St. Leo the Great School Crafts a Radiant Mosaic

Smiling faces are a given welcome when you first enter St. Leo the Great School, but what is also given for your eyes to see next is a powerfully striking glass mosaic, which radiantly graces the lobby of the Rohrerstown school.

Five years ago when art teacher Kathryn Hemlick was hired, the school’s principal, Christine McLean, showed her the empty space were the school’s office once was and told the artist that a part of her labor would be to fill the empty space with an artistic project. It was the school’s 50th anniversary year when that goal was set. Today, there is a finished, beautifully fit exquisite mosaic – named the Seven Sacrament Mosaic – depicting the seven sacramental tenets of the Catholic faith in bold fashion with nearly 14,000 pieces of multiple hued glass pieces cut to every size and angle. That sheer number alone illustrates the immense amount of time and effort that was given to this roughly 6-by-8 foot masterpiece.