Listening from the Heart

Much of my time working in Information Technology is listening to folks describe “what it’s supposed to do” but doesn’t. Sometimes, I have to translate what people are telling me with what I know about how a computer or another technical device works. Sometimes, I have to talk them off the ledge of throwing their computer out a window – literally.

As I began writing this article, the Help Desk phone rang from an individual trying to download a file from the intranet, only to watch it disappear into cyber oblivion. He started our conversation frustrated: “I am going to quit using anything electronic that comes from the Diocese. I hate computers! You folks in IT speak a different language than most people.” I asked him to take a breath and then worked my magic. I connected with his computer and saw that he was saving the document, not just opening it. The fuming gentleman on the phone turned calm and appreciative, very thankful for the bone I threw him!