St. Columba School in Bloomsburg Celebrates Faith, Excellence and Service during Catholic Schools Week

Faith, excellence and service are the hallmarks of Catholic schools, and they were a particular emphasis of celebration this week at St. Columba School in Bloomsburg.
Catholic Schools Week activities for St. Columba’s students focused on this trifecta of values, particularly on Feb. 4, with a day of activities that centered on prayer, vocations and service.

St. Teresa of Calcutta Students Dress for Success for Catholic Schools Week Celebration of Vocations

St. Teresa of Calcutta School in Adams County offered a glimpse of the future on Feb. 3, as students dressed as their future career during a Catholic Schools Week celebration of vocations.
The PreK-3 through third grade classrooms at the Conewago campus were enlivened with future pizzeria owners, construction workers, veterinarians, professional gamers, firefighters, writers and Disney characters.

Lancaster Catholic’s Pro-Life Activities Pivot to In-Class Discussion, Prayer

Pro-life activities in conjunction with the annual March for Life are typically large-scale at Lancaster Catholic High School. Traditionally, school administrators and teachers accompany several dozen students to the nation’s capital, where their purple and gold garb stands out in a sea of pro-life proponents. In school, students who don’t attend the March assemble for a pro-life speaker delivering an impactful message on the value of human life.
“It’s a total effort of witness and evangelization,” Timothy Hamer, school President, said of the complementary events. The March is significant for Hamer, whose mother worked alongside Nellie Gray, the event’s founder in 1974. Up until this year, Hamer hadn’t missed a March.

‘A Rescue Mission of Truly Loving People’: Tim Tebow Calls on Pro-Lifers to Change the Culture

Speakers at the 2021 March for Life rally on Friday called on pro-lifers to change the culture and not be discouraged at political setbacks.

“We need to live on a rescue mission of truly loving people well,” said Tim Tebow, retired NFL player and current baseball player.

Tebow was the keynote speaker at the rally for the 48th annual March for Life. The rally was held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic and security measures, and featured speeches from politicians of both parties, former professional athletes, and religious leaders.