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The Catholic Witness is the official newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg. It was established in 1966 by Bishop George L. Leech. On May 2, 2020, The Witness transitioned to an all-digital format. The digital publication continues to bring the truth of Jesus to all those who read it. It has challenged and consoled, informed and formed, united and helped its readership.

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Diocesan News
22 May 20
Father John C. Kemper Dies

Father John C. Kemper, PSS, died on May 21 in Baltimore. A native of the Diocese of Harrisburg, Fath...

Local Parish and School News
Catholic Commentary
28 May 20
Spiritual Crumbs

Many years ago, when I was only five or six, my father found a tourist attraction very close to wher...

20 May 20
The Colossus

No sport has a more rich history than baseball. Ever since the Civil War, Americans have been swatti...

19 May 20

Last weekend I was on YouTube, hopping from one liturgy to another. I would fast forward to the homi...

The Called
Catholic News from the Capital
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