Conversations on Faith with the Bishop

Discussing Important Topics During Lent

During Lent live ‘Conversations on Faith’ with the senior class of the seven Catholic High Schools in the Dioceses of Harrisburg are held.

These live interactive sessions, held via a video conference, allow for the interactive presentation and discussion of important topical religious and social issues. The classes are taught from the Diocesan Conference Center in Harrisburg. Each recording is approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

They are presented here for use by all who may have an interest in the topics.

Topics Include

  • 2019:  Clergy Sex Abuse; Battling Spiritual Evils; St Michael the Archangel: Who is he? ; Keeping Catholic on Campus
  • 2018: Gun Violence & School Shootings: A Listening Session; Keeping Catholic on Campus
  • 2017: Faith and Reason: Can I believe it if I don’t understand it?; Pope Francis: the Man – the Pastor; Why is the Church “anti” gay people?  Lets talk about it.
  • 2016: The Year of Mercy, Happiness, Bullying and Suicide, and How to Stay Catholic on Campus.
  • 2015: How Can We Say That the Catholic Church is the Church Founded by Christ?, Christianity and Islam: Is There a Connection?, The Big Bang and Genesis: Are Science and Religion Enemies?, and Can You Meet the Challenge of Staying Catholic in College?
  • 2014: The Supernatural, Discerning God’s Will in Your Life, Same Sex Marriage, and Prayer.
  • 2013: The Year of Faith, Faith Seeking Understanding, Sharing Our Faith with Others, Faith and the Encounter with Christ.
  • 2012: The Virtue of Temperance, The Virtue of Fortitude, The Virtue of Justice, The Virtue of Prudence, What is Virtue? Why should I want it?