The Department for Buildings and Properties



Advising all entities of the Diocese regarding construction, renovations, maintenance and general building upkeep for all properties including:

Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance of the Diocesan Center, Diocesan Conference Center, and the Priests’ Retirement Residence.

  • Scheduling all conferences and meetings in both the Diocesan Conference Center and in the Diocesan Center.
  • Coordinating all lunches and dinners for groups using the facilities

Management of the shared-maintenance program and its personnel

Real Estate

Real Estate Issues including leases, acquisitions, alienations, etc.

Documents Due
January 13, 2021
April 21, 2021
June 23, 2021
September 15, 2021

DBC Meeting
January 27, 2021
May 5, 2021
July 7, 2021
September 29, 2021

College of Consultors
February 10, 2021
May 19, 2021
July 21, 2021
October 13, 2021

  • Very Rev. William C. Forrey
  • Rev. Joshua R. Brommer
  • Mr. Bryan Anthony
  • Ms. Martha Boyd
  • Mr. Daniel Breen
  • Mr. Lance Bryson
  • Mr. David Evans
  • Mr. Christopher Linkey
  • Mr. Allen Reeves
  • Mr. Theodore Vedock
  • Mr. Charles Zitnick, Jr.

The Diocese’s Shared Maintenance program is your source for better facilities. This service is available to all Diocesan properties: parishes, schools, Catholic Charities, etc. We have an experienced 3 man team (that could expand depending on workload) that can handle your small projects to larger ones requiring multiple people over multiple days. We can respond very quickly if needed to serve your needs.

Our team is experienced.
Painting, plumbing, electrical work, kitchen renovations, changing lights in high areas, energy conservation measures, scheduled or preventive maintenance, small roofing jobs, and a host of other maintenance, repair, and construction activities. Our staff is also fully licensed by the state to do asbestos removals and repairs.

We can offer expert advice.
They are also available to advise you on solutions to technical issues, consultations on service contracts, and be a source of trusted expertise should an outside company be needed to perform the work.

This service is offered at a very competitive rate.
The cost to you is only for their time and material. There is no cost for overhead, profit, or equipment that is owned by the Diocese. There is no markup on parts and any discount we get is passed directly on to you.

Our experienced team and their work is fully insured.
This is an important consideration as not all independent handyman operations can offer the protection levels that the Diocese can. Having this peace of mind that the work being done and the workers are fully insured satisfies Diocesan policy.

Got a maintenance person of your own?
No problem, but should they need a hand we are available to support your person or team as well. Your person can lead our people through whatever task is being done.

Give them a try.
Once you do you will probably want them back. Contact the Diocesan Buildings and Properties Office if you have a need or want more information at 717-657-4804, x260 or (717) 712-9296.


Scott Udit


Office: 717-657-4804 x260

Mrs Donnajoan Mattis

Facilities Coordinator

Office: 717-657-4804 x601