Ecumenical and Interreligious

The Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs

Interreligious dialogue in the Diocese

In the Diocese of Harrisburg, the unity of Christians is being lived out in our parishes daily. As the Christan people from the various Churches and ecclesial communites join together to hear and study the Scriptures, pray, celebrate the liturgy, and serve the needs of the people of Central Pennsylvania they give witness to the unity that already exists among them and look for the fulfillment of Christ’s own Eucharistic prayer, “that they may be one”.

Interreligious dialogue in the Diocese and the working together of people of every religious tradition, and of none, is encouraged and approached with great sensitivity, on account of the spiritual and human values enshrined in the religious beliefs and customsof those who live within the 15 counties that make up the Diocese.

The Office for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs serves as a resource to the Bishop, the clergy, diocesean offices, and parishes of the Diocese of Harrisburg to promote cooperation and dialogue with the Orthodox and other Churches of East, the Christian communities of the Reformation, and other faith traditions. Its work is guided by the teaching and directives of the Second Vatican Council, the Holy See, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and the Bishop of Harrisburg.

Rev James M. Lease currently serves as the Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese of Harrisburg. Additionally, a committee consisting of clergy, religious and laypersons from throughout the Diocese serves as a forum for discussion of current ecumenical and interreligious issues and assists in the planning and coordination of the activies of the office.


Rev. James M Lease
Ecumenical Officer
Saint Joseph, Danville

Office: 570-275-2512

Bimonthly Luncheons for LARC Clergy and also Catholic-Orthodox Clergy.

LARC Covenant –Lutheran, Anglican, Roman Catholic Covenant signed on May 23,1993 provides for occasions of joint prayer and greater cooperation between these Churches.

LARC Day of Dialogue, an annual all day conference on a specific topic, open to all.

LARC Vespers: Details to follow

  • Formation of parish Ecumenical committees.
  • Formation of local LARC covenants.
  • Participation in Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
  • Participate in ecumenical prayer services in Lent, Advent and Thanksgiving and other times as appropriate.
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