Adult Faith Formation

Adult Faith Formation

Office of Adult Education

The Office of Adult Education exists to assist adult members of the Diocese of Harrisburg as they journey in faith.

Through offering opportunities for spiritual growth, providing informational and educational resources and training, and networking opportunities with others involved with the religious education adults, this office seeks to enable adults of the diocese to:

  • Understand clearly what it means to be an adult Catholic
  • Center their lives in the proclamation of the Gospel
  • Celebrate liturgies meaningfully
  • Witness to their beliefs in acts of charity and service

For information about becoming a Catholic, please contact your local parish.

For information about the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A), please contact Reverend Joshua R. Brommer in the Office for Divine Worship at 717-657-4804 ext. 354 or by Email.

Message From Mr. Daniel Breen

Superintendent of Schools and Secretary for Education

Secretariat for Education
One of the primary descriptions of the diocesan bishop is that he is a teacher of the faith. A key responsibility of the bishop is to promote and oversee the teaching of the Catholic faith in the diocese. This is accomplished through our Catholic schools, parish religious education programs, adult faith formation and the training of catechists. The Secretariat for Education is the branch of diocesan administration that assists the bishop in carrying out these particular tasks of Catholic education.

Mission of the Secretariat for Education
The ministry of education flows from the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ to go out to the whole world and proclaim the Gospel, faithfully teaching all that he committed to his apostles. The Church has, throughout the ages, developed the means to proclaim Christ’s message, to foster the Christian community, to call people to worship, and to challenge them to loving service.

As the Secretariat for Education of the Diocese of Harrisburg, we envision Catholic education as a lifelong process that seeks to fulfill the human and spiritual potential of all people, calling them to discover, accept, proclaim, and live the Gospel message, while growing in the gift of faith.

Mr. Daniel Breen

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