Ministries for the Family

Cana Family Institute

Helping build and support strong Catholic marriages and families in our parishes and community.

Apostolate for Family Consecration

Offers resources, catechesis, retreats, and vacation opportunities at Catholic Family Land.

Resources for the Family

Ave Explores: Catholic Family Life
A Podcast series that encourages families to be happy and holy!

Peyton Institute

A collaborative think tank for issues related to faith and the family.

Springs of Love
Supporting those who choose to foster and adopt.

National Catholic Partnership on Disability

Resources and support for individuals and families with disabilities.

Catholic Charities
Connecting individuals and families to local resources and support for social and economic wellness.


Accompanying those who experience same-sex attraction and their families.

Helping individuals and families overcome pornography addiction.

Mental Health and Wholeness

Loneliness, isolation, and rapid cultural changes are a few factors that have helped usher in a modern mental health crisis within our families and communities. No one should bear their cross alone, and all deserve hope and healing. The Church in Harrisburg desires to support you and accompany you on your way toward wholeness. In addition to the resources below, the Office for Laity & Family can provide a list of local Catholic counselors upon request.

Whole Human Challenge

Whole Human Challenge is a 7-week Catholic mental health program aimed at being fully alive mind, body, and spirit. Created by Isaac Wicker – a Catholic therapist – it is based on nearly a decade of mental health experience. It combines practical habit building, insight-based psychological exercises, and clear spiritual vision all within the context of community and accountability.


A 12-week online Catholic coaching program to heal wounded relationships with God the Father.


Melissa Maleski

Director of Laity and Family

Phone: 717-657-4804 x331

Shannon Gump

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 717-657-4804 x303