Golden Apple Award

Golden Apple Award

Honoring Outstanding Teachers

The Golden Apple award symbolizes a teacher’s professional excellence, leadership, commitment to Catholic values, and devotion to teaching in Catholic schools.

Through the generosity and kindness of the Donahue Family Foundation, the Golden Apple Awards Program has been established to honor outstanding individuals who devote their lives to teaching in Catholic Schools. It is our pleasure to announce that the Donahue Family Foundation will again sponsor the 13th Golden Apple Awards Program for our Diocese.

Honoring Outstanding Teachers

The Golden Apple Award will be given to six teachers and one principal in the Diocese of Harrisburg. The award will consist of the following:

  • Cash award of $5000.00
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Golden Apple
  • Individual photo with Bishop Ronald Gainer
  • Group photo with Bishop Gainer and Very Reverend Edward J. Quinlan, Secretary for Education

These will all be presented at the ceremony during the awards banquet, which will be held Tuesday, May 8, 2018, at the Cardinal Keeler Center.

The nomination and application forms are available on the diocesan website under Catholic School Services and Programs. The completed nomination packets are due in the Diocesan Education Office by February 23, 2018.

If you have specific questions, contact Mrs. Livia Riley, Superintendent of Schools, Diocese of Harrisburg.

The Donahue Family Foundation

Some background:

  • Jack and Rhodora Donahue are parents of thirteen children all of whom were educated in Catholic schools.
  • The Donahue’s were eager to express their deep appreciation to Catholic school teachers for providing quality academic and faith filled education for their children.
  • The Donahue’s approached Bishop Donald W. Wuerl, Bishop of Pittsburgh, who immediately embraced the idea of a Golden Apple Award and the first group of teachers in the Diocese of Pittsburgh were honored in 1992.
  • Since that time the Donahue family instituted a program in the Diocese of Youngstown, Ohio and in May of 2005 invited the Diocese of Harrisburg to institute the Golden Apple Awards Program.
  • The Donahue Family Foundation, Inc is located in Pittsburgh, PA and a son; William J. Donahue is president of the foundation.
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