Clergy and Consecrated Life

Secretariat for Clergy and Consecrated Life

Welcome to the Secretariat for Clergy and Consecrated Life!

While our work reflects the vision of the Second Vatican Council that sees the importance of each vocation in the life of the Church, it is our particular mission to support the life and work of priests, permanent deacons, and those in consecrated life as we help them to live their lives of service within the communion of the Church.

This Secretariat strives to promote a culture of vocation in which men and women can discern God’s call and answer in confidence and generosity. We have a special care for those men who are in formation for priesthood and the permanent diaconate. We are committed to promoting ongoing formation for those in Holy Orders and supporting those in consecrated life so that they may be better able to live a life of holiness and apostolic service in the Church.

Very Reverend William C. Forrey, VF

Secretary for Clergy

Office: 717-657-4804 x350

  • Very Reverend David L. Danneker, VG, Ex-Officio
  • Very Reverend William C. Forrey, Ex-Officio
  • Rev. Joshua R. Brommer
  • Very Rev. Anthony R. Dill, VF
  • Rev. Daniel C. Mitzel
  • Very Rev. Daniel K. Richards, VF
  • Rev. Kyle S. Sahd
  • Rev. Timothy J. Sahd
  • Rev. Jonathan P. Sawicki
  • Very Rev. David L. Danneker, VG, Ex-Officio
  • Very Rev. William C. Forrey, Ex-Officio
  • Very Rev. Peter L. Hahn, VF
  • Very Rev. Monsignor James M. Lyons, VF
  • Rev. J. Michael McFadden
  • Very Rev. Edward J. Quinlan, VF
  • Rev. Monsignor William M. Richardson
  • Sister Marie Aimee Finnegan, RSM
  • Sister Mary Dorothy Kelly, SCC
  • Sister Helen E. McCormac
  • Sister Anne Marie Meadowcroft, ASC
  • Sister Marie Helene Trueitt, ASC
  • Sister Carol Marie Walsh, SSCM
  • Ellen Amarante
  • Deacon Thomas M. Aumen
  • Deacon Daniel L. Bernardy
  • Mrs. Bernadette Bernardy
  • Deacon Neil Crispo
  • Mrs. Victoria Crispo
  • Deacon Patrick M. Kiley
  • Deacon Eugene D. Vannucci
  • Deacon Joseph J. Wrabel
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