Office of Vocations

Message from Father Jonathan P. Sawicki

Director of Vocations
Father Jonathan P. Sawicki

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Rooted in the grace of Christ Jesus prompts us to not only live a life of love, but indeed impels us to Christian service. It may be that God is beckoning you to a vocation of service in our Church. To stand before the altar in the person of Christ is no easy thought, and to respond to that vocation cannot be accomplished alone.

Men of God: is the Lord Jesus calling you to service at the altar? Please do not hesitate to reach out to your parish priest and to me to explore this important question: “Is God calling you to be a priest?”

Some great books are, “To Save a Thousand Souls” by Fr. Brett Brannen and “Discerning Your Vocation” by the Community of the Beatitudes. Online resources can be found at and Remember: don’t try going this route alone!

I look forward to speaking with you!

Fr. Jonathan P. Sawicki

Heavenly Father,We ask you to bless our diocese with selfless hearts that are willing to serve You, by serving Your Church. Lord Jesus raise up from our homes those called by the Father: courageous and humble men to the Priesthood, faithful people to Consecrated Life and holy men and women to the sacrament of Marriage. Holy Spirit, help us to live our universal vocation to holiness, by listening to the Father’s voice and responding with a sacrificial love.

Holy Mary, Model of Vocations, teach us to hear and follow your Son. Holy Mary, Queen of Priests, sanctify our priests and obtain for us many more. Holy Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for our families and intercede for our children.

Rev. Jonathan P. Sawicki

Vocation Director

Office: 717-657-4804 x282

Deb Kerstetter

Administrative Assistant

Office: 717-657-4804 x282

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