Vocation Discernment

Discerning God’s Will

What do you desire?

Deep inside every man is a desire to do something important with his life, to be a hero, and to change the world. The Father has put this desire in your heart and He wants to fulfill that call in you.

Listen to His voice in prayer. He is speaking in the depths of your heart right now. He is calling you to do something important with your life. He is calling you to give your life to Him. He is calling you to fulfill your call, your vocation.

Jesus Christ is calling you to holiness and wants to help you get there.

“Be Not Afraid to Love Christ!”

— Pope Benedict XVI

What is discernment?

Discernment is seeking God’s will. You were created by our loving Father for a reason, a purpose. God the Father knew who He was creating and why. You have been charged by Him to undertake a mission, entrusted only to you. He is always calling us to our mission, our vocation. We must make it our task to listen to his voice; this is discernment. To find the happiness God created us to experience, we must listen to His voice, discern His voice and embrace our vocation, our mission to serve Him.

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