As a nation, a state, a Diocese and as a Parish community, we are facing unprecedented challenges related to Covid-19. Please know that the Diocesan leadership is continuing to pray for all those affected, those that are ill, and those who are caring for loved ones with this illness.

Now more than ever, the programs and ministries that receive funding through the Diocesan Annual Campaign need your prayers and steadfast support. From ministering to the sick, providing meals through our many soup kitchens and food banks, to services provided through Catholic Charities and supporting our schools as they facilitate online learning, your gift will impact many throughout the Diocese. Your gift, no matter the size, does matter.

The staff in the Office of Stewardship & Development continues processing gifts on a daily basis so that programs and ministries have the funding necessary to continue to respond to our community’s needs. We are available to answer your questions via email or by phone but please be patient as we work remotely.

On behalf of those who need our services, please accept our heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude.

Rooted in Faith

Your 2019 Gifts In Action


You Support Families

Catholic Charities provides a multitude of services, from shelters to food kitchens, to employment services and foster care, to help those in need in our Diocese.

Marriage and family programs, advocacy for the protection of life and sacramental preparation are also all supported by the Diocesan Annual Campaign.

You Strengthen Education

From funding seminarian education to ongoing Permanente Diaconate training, religious education programs and support for our Catholic schools, your support of Catholic education is vital to secure the future of our faith. Ongoing training programs for clergy and those who minister to the faithful also receive support from the Diocesan Annual Campaign.

You Spread the Love of Christ

Evangelization programs that focus on youth and young adults and those who minister and teach in our schools and religious education programs benefit from your support. These programs energize those on fire for Christ, and kindle the fires in those looking to deepen their faith.

You Grow Your Faith

Milestone events in the Church, such as baptisms, first communions, confirmations and marriages, are opportunities to grow in our faith. Volunteers who lead these sacramental programs receive training provided by the Diocese and funded by the Diocesan Annual Campaign.

2019 Diocesan Impact Report

A Message From Bishop Ronald W. Gainer


Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Eleventh Bishop of Harrisburg

Dear Friends in Christ,

I pray this letter finds you and your families in good health. Our world has been forever changed by the coronavirus. The need in our communities has never been more real. Before the pandemic we may have known a family that was struggling to feed their children or a single mom who faced homelessness. Now, both the faces of those needing help has quickly changed and their number has unfortunately increased during these unprecedented times of economic turmoil. So many have been impacted by sickness, uncertainty and stress. As always, it is in times like these that we rely on each other and on our faith.

I am continually inspired by the many stories that I hear of those who are stepping up to help. From those who are volunteering at food banks, to those who are reaching out virtually to connect with one another, to our parishes that are using social media to stay connected with their parishioners, and all those who are taking advantage of the many resources now available to more firmly root our faith in their lives. It is edifying to see our faith being lived out every day in what we are doing and how we are reflecting God’s love for each other.

I am also grateful and humbled by the financial gifts that donors like you are making to support our Diocesan Annual Campaign. Our ministries and programs are more relevant today than ever before as we minister to those in need. Our food banks continue to feed hungry families, which may now include our neighbors and friends. Through the gift of technology, our evangelization efforts are now reaching more of our faithful who are unable to attend Mass in person. Our HCAS finance personnel are assisting parishes with administrative issues while working remotely. Catholic Charities is using virtual platforms to continue provide services to their clients.

Your financial support enables all of these programs and ministries, and others, of the Diocese of Harrisburg to continue serving those in need in our communities. All of us, in some way, have been impacted negatively by COVID-19. I ask you to please remember your parish and priests, all of our clergy and consecrated religious, the sick, those who have passed away and their grieving families, as well as your fellow parishioners in your prayers. If you are able, also please prayerfully consider your gift to this year’s Diocesan Annual Campaign-Rooted in Faith. I have seen and heard of countless examples of our faith in action over the last few months and I am inspired by the outpouring of love, compassion and care by so many of our faithful. We are called to continue our efforts and can only do that with the help of donors like you. This year’s campaign will end on January 31, 2021.

Please join me in praying for all who are affected by this pandemic and for healing for all, both in our Diocese and throughout the world.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer
Bishop of Harrisburg

All monies raised in the DAC are only used for the programs, services and ministries for which they are designated. No gifts to the DAC are used to satisfy legal fees or settlement costs associated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg’s reorganization. A listing of DAC allocations may be found at

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Our parishes are working hard to support their Catholic brothers and sisters through the Diocese. Please consider partnering with your parish to help meet their goal and further the mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors.

This year, we need your help.

Please help support the physical and spiritual needs of those living throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg.

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