The Diocesan Annual Campaign provides much needed resources, expertise, guidance and support for more than 90 ministries and programs throughout the 15 county Diocese of Harrisburg.

Despite the challenges of the past several years, the Diocese continues to minister to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. Gifts from donors like you, have continued to sustain, expand and support our ongoing evangelization efforts, provide continuing education programs for our seminarians, clergy and permanent deacons, and investments in pro-life activities. Our Catholic Schools continue to provide a faith based education to nearly 10,000 students, and our Religious Education programs reach children and adults at every step of their faith journeys.

Now, more than ever, the programs and ministries that received funding from the Diocesan Annual Campaign need your prayers and steadfast support. Your gift, no matter the size, truly makes a difference.

On behalf of those who benefit from our ministries, please accept our heartfelt appreciation and deep gratitude.

Your Gifts In Action


Our Families Grow in our Faith

Whether joining together in marriage, welcoming a new life, or saying a final goodbye to a loved one, our parish families are there to celebrate, encourage and support. We support our families, young or seasoned, married couples or single persons, through a range of faith formation and enrichment ministries. By partnering with the parishes, our families receive sacramental preparation, special activities for youth and young adults, and opportunities for ongoing faith formation to guide us in our spiritual journeys. Through the Diocesan Annual Campaign, we are working together as one family to support all families.

Our Schools Teach our Faith

With support from the parish and the community, our Catholic Schools experienced a 6.5% increase in enrollment in the 2021-22 school year. The Office of Catholic Education works to advance the mission of our schools, providing professional development programs for faculty and staff and expertise in complying with local, state and national guidelines and standards. Your support ensures that Catholic Education is vibrant and affordable for those who wish to enroll.

Our Communities Live the Faith

Catholic Charities provides services to those most in need in our communities. From counseling to homeless shelters to support for those struggling to maintain sobriety, your gift to the Diocesan Annual Campaign helps underwrite these important ministries. Catholic Life and Evangelization programs that enhance and grow married life, minister to those in prison and promote pro-life initiatives also receive financial support from the Diocesan Annual Campaign. Our collective efforts support all in our faith community when they are most in need.

Our Seminarians and Deacons Profess their Faith

Support for Seminarian education and formation is vital to the future of our church. With 19 men from our Diocese attending seminary, and 22 men in the Permanent Diaconate program, the Church of the future is strong. Your gifts to the Diocesan Annual Campaign insure that these programs continue and our parishes can be led by devout men who have answered the call.

2021 Diocesan Impact Report

A Message From Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

One Faith, One Family

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Eleventh Bishop of Harrisburg

Dear Friends in Christ,

The last several years have presented historic challenges for our Diocese, but our faith has remained strong. It is only because of your support that we have maintained, and in some cases grown, our more than 90 ministries and programs. Religious education, marriage preparation, seminarian formation, pro-life activities and the many services of Catholic Charities all were able to continue because of your faithfulness and financial commitment. Even with the uncertainty we have faced during the bankruptcy process, and the COVID-19 pandemic, your daily prayers, and gifts of time, talent and treasure, are priceless. Thank you for responding to the calls from your parish and the Diocese as we continue to navigate uncertain waters, while always placing our trust in our Lord and Savior.

As we live lives committed to God, He invites us to participate in the Mass, use our gifts and talents accordingly and to spread the Good News of the Gospel. I invite you to participate in the mission of the Church by supporting the 2022 Diocesan Annual Campaign. This campaign directly supports the ministries and programs that provide services to those in need, spiritual growth and education for our ordained men and religious women, and a Catholic educational foundation for our youth and adults. Without support from the faithful, we could not advance the Church in the Diocese of Harrisburg. By supporting the work of these important ministries and programs, you are answering the call and putting your faith in action. I ask you to prayerfully consider making a gift to the 2022 Diocesan Annual Campaign – One Faith, One Family.

As we continue our work in listening to the faithful, especially during the current Synod process, I am grateful for your loyal and steadfast support of the Diocese. Knowing that donors like you have responded to the invitation to give and participate in the mission of our Church is gratifying. I will continue to remember you and your family in my prayers. Please continue to remember our priests, clergy and religious who serve God’s people in your prayers.

Sincerely yours in Christ

Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer
Bishop of Harrisburg

All monies raised for the DAC are only used for the programs, services and ministries for which they are designated. No gifts to the DAC are used to satisfy legal fees or settlement costs associated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg’s reorganization. A listing of all DAC allocations may be found at

Our Goal

  • Current Donations $6,702,914

  • 2022 Goal $7,230,665

Please consider making a commitment to the 2022 Diocesan Annual Campaign. Your gift will provide instruction for those joining the Church, support for Catholic Education, magnified evangelization programs and support for many human services programs

  • Parish Goal Met 48

  • Total Parishes 89

Our parishes are working hard to support their Catholic brothers and sisters through the Diocese. Please consider partnering with your parish to help meet their goal and further the mission of sharing the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors.

The Diocese of Harrisburg uses a consistent formula to calculate the DAC goals for each parish. This formula considers parish income and registered souls. To view the formula, please click here.

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