We’ve all been faced with those times of waiting. Traffic, appointments, checkout lines; waiting is a part of life. The Diocese of Harrisburg now has a new resource to help turn these waiting times into opportunities for deeper growth in the faith.

Through the generosity of those who contributed to the Catholic Communications Campaign collection and through a partnership with Breadbox Media, the Diocese recently launched two podcasts, with a third coming soon.

The first podcast, Why Do Catholics…, features clergy and lay experts for informative, lively discussions on what Catholics believe, why we practice a sacramental faith and what the Church teaches. The first series of this podcast focuses on the Sacraments of the Church. Father Joshua Cavender, campus minister for Millersville University and Franklin and Marshall College, explains the meaning of the Sacraments in an entertaining, easy to understand way.

If stories capture your interest, then Musings from a Catholic Evangelist is the podcast for you. Join Sister Geralyn Schmidt, SCC, for frank and honest conversations on living your faith every day. Using powerful stories, Sister Geralyn challenges you to be the individual God has called you to be. A new episode of Musings is posted every Tuesday and is the perfect length for when running those quick errands.

Coming soon, the Diocese and our Hispanic Apostolate will launch Pregúntale al Padre. This Spanish podcast, hosted by Father Luis Rodriguez, pastor of Corpus Christi Parish in Chambersburg, will answer your questions about the Faith.

These three podcasts follow the very successful Gospel Reflections from Bishop Ronald Gainer. Each Tuesday, a new 30-second reflection on the Gospel reading for the coming Sunday is provided by Bishop Gainer.

To listen and download these podcasts, visit http://breadboxmedia.com or find them on the Diocesan Facebook page. To submit a suggestion for future episodes, please email Communications@hbgdiocese.org.