Parish Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council

One Who Serves

Since 1972 Parish Pastoral Councils have been mandated in the Diocese of Harrisburg.

In support of these Parish Pastoral Councils the following diocesan norms and guidelines have been developed:One Who Serves is a 65-page document designed to assist parishes in developing a successful Parish Pastoral Council. This document is available and can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.  

Please note: this is a large document (33 MB) and may take additional time to download.

A community of service

We are the Church: clergy, those in consecrated life and laity. Because we have been baptized into the one Body of Christ and confirmed by the Holy Spirit, we share the responsibility to carry on the work of Christ both as individuals and as part of a community of believers. The Parish Pastoral Council The Parish Pastoral Council provides an essential framework through which this responsibility can be shared. Parish Pastoral Councils are potentially the most effective means of joining together the People of God to fulfill the mission of the Church.

Constitution and Bylaws

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