Help support a missionary priest

During each Mass, the faithful bring the symbolic gifts of bread and wine to the altar for which they actually provide the monetary means to purchase these elements used for Mass. This is what is meant by the “offering” for Mass.

By accepting the means and the intention for Mass, the priest-celebrant applies the abundant graces of the Mass according to the intentions of each donor. The offering purchases the bread and wine for the sacrifice, while the surplus is retained for the support of the priest and his ministry.

Christians have a long tradition of having Mass celebrated for living or deceased family members and friends. This custom of having Mass celebrated is praiseworthy because it evidences a concern for the Church and the work of her priests.

Mass offerings take on an added dimension when they are sent to Missionary priests. Mass stipends are often the only means of daily support for priests in mission lands. Most salaries are $50.00 per month, so Mass stipends often supply the essentials needed to live each day.

While the customary offering for a Mass is $10, priests in mission lands will accept any freewill donation you can make. In this way Masses offered through the Propagation of the Faith benefit your loved ones, and support the essential work of the Church—bringing the Gospel to the nations!

The Missions Office distributes Mass stipends to missionary and retired priests.

To have a Mass celebrated for a family member or a friend, living or deceased, and at the same time help support a missionary priest:

Please Send:
  • the name of the intention
  • your name and address
  • your offering (suggested amount $10 per intention)

Reverend Robert F. Sharman
Diocesan Director
Office of Pontifical Missions
4800 Union Deposit Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111-3710

Thank you for your goodness to the missions!