Summer Visits with World Missionaries

Every summer, parishes in our Diocese (and throughout the United States) are visited for one weekend by a missionary from a Catholic organization or diocese from around the world.

We, the parishioners, hear about their essential mission work for the Church, their stories, their challenges, and their successes. The missionaries not only increase our awareness of the Church’s missionary activity, but also help promote vocations to the Missions in the hearts of our young people. We are invited to help these organizations carry the Gospel to the ends of the earth with our prayers and financial support.

Applications for the 2024 MCP are closed.

To be considered for the 2025 MCP, you must have a representative in the United States with whom we can communicate, as well as an email address, as this is our primary means of communication with you.

If you wish to apply for the 2025 Program, please send a formal letter on your diocese/organization’s letterhead stating your interest and the subject heading, “2025 Missionary Cooperative Program.” Include a brief description of the scope of your mission work and how the Missionary Cooperative Programs funds will be used. You may include a pamphlet if your organization has one. Please also indicate if you are able to provide missionaries fluent in Spanish as well as English.

You must include a letter of support (stamped and signed) by the local Ordinary, Religious Superior, or Head of Mission Organization granting you representative permission to apply for the MCP.

Include your phone number in your correspondence. If your organization is listed in the Kenedy Official Catholic Directory, please indicate the year and page number of the listing.

Appeal funds are disbursed payable to the mission organization/diocese, never to an individual person.  If your organization /diocese does not have a bank in the US that will be the repository for the MCP funds, or you cannot provide wire transfer information for your organization/diocese, please do not apply to the MCP.

Many of our parishes are staffed by only one priest who uses the Missionary Cooperative weekend to take annual leave. Therefore, a missionary priest is necessary for the celebration of the Sacrifice of Holy Mass and the Sacrament of Penance. Typically, missionary organizations are assigned 1 large or 2-3 smaller parishes which means a missionary priest is needed to cover 1-3 weekends during the summer. Every parish assigned must be visited by a priest for the appeal even though some parishes have small congregations.

Since we are a small diocese, we only have a limited number of placements available each year and it is not possible to satisfy all the requests we receive.  Requests are best sent to our office before the end of October for consideration for the following summer. Our list will be finalized in December, and you will only hear from us if your organization is selected. The appeal should be made between the following June 1st and August 31st.

2024 Missionary Cooperative Program Regulations

Please address your request to:

Reverend Robert F. Sharman, Director
Office of Pontifical Missions, Diocese of Harrisburg
4800 Union Deposit Road
Harrisburg, PA  17111-3710

Want to make a difference?

Missionaries throughout the world continue to serve those in need, especially during these challenging times. Thank you for answering the call to the ‘missionary spirit’ through your support of this holy work of the Church.