“Go, make disciples of all nations…”

First Sunday in February

On the first Sunday in February, parishioners throughout our diocese are invited to make a special commitment to the worldwide mission of Jesus, through the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.

At Baptism, we are called to be a missionary, to share our faith and pass on the Good News of Jesus among the mission poor. Through the Propagation of the Faith, we can reach out to the peoples of the world by providing prayers and financial assistance to missionary priests, religious Sisters and Brothers, and lay catechists.

This year’s theme is Go Make Disciples of All Nations (Matthew 28:19).  Discipleship happens when people hear the Gospel and are moved to embrace Christ and His saving truth.  People can only hear when someone speaks to them of Christ.  That is why missionaries are fundamental to the spread of the Faith.

Membership in the Society for the Propagation of Faith is vitally important for the ongoing support of missions in over 1,150 dioceses around the world.  The Society’s members enable Christ’s mission to continue with strong convictions, zealous ambitions, and energetic apostolic work.

Membership envelopes are included in your February collections envelope packet. Thank you for your generosity!

Want to make a difference?

Missionaries throughout the world continue to serve those in need, especially during these challenging times. Thank you for answering the call to the ‘missionary spirit’ through your support of this holy work of the Church.