August 21, 2017

Fall Adult Faith Formation Offerings Available

The Fall 2017 Session of the Diocesan Institute for Catechetical and Pastoral Formation affords adult Catholics the opportunity to continue their formation in the Catholic faith. All courses and workshops are open to any interested adult, including those who are pursuing catechetical certification in the diocese and those who simply wish to understand the Catholic Faith better.

Learn from home option: Numerous faith formation offerings are also available via webinar, allowing you to participate in “real time” from home or to request recordings to view at your convenience.

This is Not Your Father’s Faith Formation

No, the content of our Catholic faith doesn’t change—the faith we profess in the Creed is the very same that Christ handed on to the Apostles. But as for how the faith is delivered, suffice it to say that there have been some recent developments…

In just the past few years, producers of excellent Catholic adult faith formation resources (Ascension Press, Augustine Institute, and Saint Benedict Press, to name a few) have begun to utilize online/digital platforms to make their products more readily available to individuals and groups of all sizes. As a result, anyone with a smart phone, iPad,or computer can access a vast array of formation resources in a variety of media (e.g. films, audio presentations, e-books, and video-based study programs) at a very reasonable cost.

To view the complete the complete Fall Session schedule, which includes course descriptions and fees for both current offerings and pre-recorded courses and sessions, please visit

For information about the Diocesan Institute or obtaining catechetical certification in the Diocese of Harrisburg, contact Ryan Bolster at 717-657-4804, ext. 225, or

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