Promoting parish and school stewardship programs

Welcome to the Office of Stewardship and Development!

Our mission is to support our parishes, Catholic schools and Diocesan programs as they promote the stewardship of the gifts given from God – time, talent and treasure.

This office coordinates fundraising on behalf of the Bishop in support of Diocesan ministries, which takes place across the 15 county area of the Diocese. These include programs supported by the Diocesan Annual Campaign, the Matthew 25 Collection and the Pentecost collection.

We also work with donors who wish to support their parishes and schools with outright and deferred gifts, or business who participate in the Neumann Scholarship Foundation with their tax credit gifts.

How to Make a Gift

Thank you for considering a gift!

There are multiple ways to make a gift to the Diocese of Harrisburg, our parishes and our Catholic schools. Please explore the below options for more details.

Please note the following dates when considering year-end giving to the Diocese or your Parish.

  • December 31st – All credit card gifts must be completed by 11:59 PM on December 31, 2023, to count for the 2023 tax year.
  • December 31st – All checks sent via USPS must be postmarked by December 31st to count for the 2023 tax year.
  • December 15thStock gifts must be initiated by December 15th to ensure that the stock will settle by December 31st to count for the 2023 tax year.
  • Donors considering using their IRA to make charitable gifts are encouraged to contact their custodian to determine the final date to initiate year-end gifts.

If you have any other questions, please contact the Office of Stewardship & Development at (717) 657-4804 ext 245.

If you wish to make a general gift, or a gift to a specific program, please make your check payable to the Diocese of Harrisburg. Please be sure to indicate a specific fund, if applicable, with your gift (i.e. the gift is to support my local parish’s weekly collection, or the Catholic elementary schools’ annual fund or in payment of a pledge for the Diocesan Annual Campaign).

Please mail to:

Diocese of Harrisburg
4800 Union Deposit Rd
Harrisburg, PA 17111
Attn: Office of Stewardship and Development

To make a gift of stock, please download and complete the Letter of Intent, and email to or fax it to the Office of Stewardship and Development at (717) 657-4818.

Donors who are 70 ½ can direct funds from their IRA to charitable entities, like parishes or schools. This provision is now permanent and can support your weekly commitment to your parish, satisfy pledges or be used to make your annual gift.

Who Qualifies?

  • Donors are 70 ½ years of age at the time of the gift
  • Gifts must come from your traditional IRA or Roth IRA directly to the Diocese/your parish or school (Funds in 403(B)s are not eligible.)
  • You can direct up to $100,000 each year
  • Gifts of this nature may satisfy your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD)

Donors should contact their IRA administrator to initiate this gift and may use this sample letter.

Donors may also name the Diocese, a parish or a school as a beneficiary of your IRA.

If you,
  • Have a qualified retirement plan like a 401(K) or 403(B);
  • May not need all the funds in your retirement account;
  • Have other assets that you wish to pass on to other heirs; and
  • Want to support the mission of the parish or school,

A beneficiary designation may be a good option. Please request a new beneficiary designation form from your plan administrator to being this process. Please also inform the Office of Stewardship and Development of your intention so that we can properly record your gift and thank you.

Please contact the Office of Stewardship and Development if you need further information.

Through the Neumann Scholarship Foundation, businesses with a tax liability to the state may provide much needed financial aid dollars to our Catholic elementary and secondary schools.

How it Works

Businesses who pay one of seven different taxes to the state of Pennsylvania may apply for tax credits through the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). Those funds will be directed to one or more Catholic schools and will be used to provide financial aid to our families who wish their children to attend, but otherwise would not be able to afford the cost of tuition.

Please visit the Education Improvement Tax Credit Program page for more information.

Individual donors may in some instances be eligible for tax credits through the state.

If you,
  • Work for a Pennsylvania non-profit or for profit business;
  • Own your own business in Pennsylvania;
  • Own stock in a Pennsylvania corporation; and
  • Have a Pennsylvania state tax liability of at least $3,500,

You can apply for tax credits through a special purpose entity.

The process is similar to how businesses apply for tax credits. You can direct your funds to Catholic schools within the Diocese, to be distributed as financial aid to families with demonstrated need.

Please contact the Office of Stewardship and Development at (717) 657-4804 ext. 245 for more details.


Mrs. Kim Roche

Director Office of Stewardship and Development

Office: 717-657-4804 x245

Mrs. Elizabeth Malpass

Development Assistant

Office: 717-657-4804 x336

Mrs. Paige Morabito

Data Analyst

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