The Matthew 25 Collection

The Matthew 25 Collection

November 24, 2019
Collection fights Poverty, Hunger & Homelessness in our Diocese

The funds collected remain in our area to help provide food, clothing and shelter for our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate.

The Matthew 25 Collection allows the Diocese of Harrisburg to address the basic needs of food, shelter and clothing on a local level through food banks, soup kitchens and other parish-supported projects that assist those in need.

All of the funds collected benefit local needs. Seventy-five percent of the monies collected will be distributed to programs within the Diocese to address the needs of the poor. Twenty-five percent of the monies will be returned to parishes for their use in assisting others. The Matthew 25 Collection replaces the collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.

Help to make a difference. Please be generous in your donations for the needy on November 24.

“As Catholics, we are called to open our hands and our hearts in order to recognize Jesus in the poor. When we give to others, especially the poor, we are giving to Christ. That is what Jesus promised in Matthew 25 when He said, “Whatever you did for one of these least, you did for me.”

– Bishop Ronald W. Gainer

My Dear Sisters and Brothers, When a young mother struggles with feeding and clothing her infant daughter, you were there to provide diapers and baby items that she cannot afford. When the homeless man finally moves in to his new apartment, you were there to help with the security deposit and household items to get him started. When the young family’s business closes because of a weak economy, you were there to provide so their children could eat.

While you may have not physically been there to hand the mother her diapers, or help the homeless man move into his new home, or serve that family a meal, your financial support of the Matthew 25 collection helps the many ministries and programs throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg provide these services and more to our neighbors in need. In 2018, 34 organizations were awarded more than $230,000 to provide food, clothing and shelter. What a wonderfully generous and supportive community we live in!

The 2019 Matthew 25 collection needs your continued support to meet the ever increasing demand for these basic human services. Each year, families who never thought that they would need a helping hand find themselves at shelters, in line at food banks or receiving a warm meal at their local parish. In this season of thanksgiving, I ask you to consider a gift to this year’s collection. Gifts to the Matthew 25 collection will be used exclusively for the purposes of this collection and within your parish to support ministries which provide food, clothing or shelter. No monies are used for legal fees nor for the Survivor Compensation Program.

Please join me in prayer to remember those who need our help and for those who volunteer and work in these ministries. I pray that God will continue to bless you and your family.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer

Bishop of Harrisburg

Grant Criteria
The Diocese of Harrisburg’s Matthew 25 Collection makes grants available annually to organizations that provide food, clothing, and shelter. Grants are available to parish and pastor supported initiatives.

All applicants are required to use this grant application without alteration or application will be returned. Applications that are incomplete may not be considered for funding.

Grant Program
Who qualifies for funding? Applicants must be located within the 15 counties of the Diocese of Harrisburg, its mission is in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, is an approved 501(c)(3), and funding will be utilized specifically for food, clothing, or shelter. Applications must clearly define how the grant funding would be utilized by the organization.

What is not funded? This collection does not fund salaries, building construction costs or other purposes not related to the primary needs of food, clothing and shelter.

All Matthew 25 Grant Applications require a pastor’s signature and endorsement on parish letterhead supporting the applicant’s organization.

The maximum grant request for each organization is $12,000. Organizations may only submit one application per grant year.

Matthew 25 Grant Application

Matthew 25 Collection Grants

Annually Grants for Food, Clothing and Shelter

The Diocese of Harrisburg’s Matthew 25 Collection makes grants available annually for food, clothing, and shelter.

Grants Awarded

Since 2010 the collection has provided grants to 49 organizations totaling $1,324,892.00. The grants are awarded to local efforts that addressed basic survival needs and support efforts.

OrganizationAmount Granted
Adams County Emergency Family Shelter$8,000.00
A Woman’s Concern$6,000.00
Birthright of Sunbury, Inc.$1,000.00
Carlisle Area Family Life Center$2,000.00
Community C.A.R.E.S$6,000.00
Catholic Harvest Food Pantry$7,500.00
Christian Churches United of the Tri-County Area, Inc.$6,000.00
Gettysburg C.A.R.E.S.$6,000.00
Guardian Angels Outreach Center$6,000.00
Healthy Steps Diaper Bank$8,000.00
Lancaster County Project for the Needy$5,000.00
Lebanon County Christian Ministries$6,000.00
Manna for the Many (Our Lady of Hope Food Pantry)$6,000.00
Manos Unidas Hispanic-American Center, Inc.$12,000.00
Mary’s Helpers$10,000.00
Morning Star Pregnancy Services$6,000.00
Mother Maria Kaupas Center$2,800.00
New Hope Ministries$5,000.00
Off the Streets$12,000.00
Our Daily Bread Soup Kitchen$6,000.00
OMPH Benevolent Society$3,000.00
Power Packs Project$10,000.00
Race Track Chaplaincy of America (Penn National)$5,000.00
St. Francis Soup Kitchen$12,000.00
Samaritan Fellowship$12,000.00
San Juan Bautista Social Outreach$12,000.00
San Juan Bautista Summer Camp$7,000.00
Shalom House$10,000.00
The Lord’s Lunch$5,000.00
Shepherd’s Table$6,000.00
Silence of Mary Home$6,000.00
The Caring Cupboard$3,000.00
The Lord’s Lunch$7,000.00
Transitional Housing and Care Center, Inc. (formerly Gate House Shelter)$11,000.00
TOTAL 2019 GRANTS$231,300.00

“We are grateful to God for this wonderful grant! This will help us feed many more needy kids!”
Morning Star Pregnancy Services
Bryce McMinn Executive Director

“This grant enables us to help our neighbors in need with the costs of diapers, formula and food. Children hold a special place in our hearts.”
Waynesboro Community and Human Services
Denise Esser, Director

“You know that our residents that have come to our door in despair have encountered life events that have overwhelmed them and their ability to cope…we meet their immediate needs for basic necessities. Our aid is to help them strengthen their personal skills in order to not be homeless again.”
Shalom House
Denise Britton, Executive Director

“Your gifts continue to give financial hope to our clients. And through these gifts we can help keep families in their homes, or get across a gap and onto stable ground once more. We rejoice that your generosity in this grant helps us all to put our faith into action. Our membership and the clients we serve are very grateful for your gift.”
The Samaritan Fellowship, Inc.
Charles L. Reynolds, Corresponding Secretary

“Your commitment to helping the homeless individuals and families in our community whether the crises in their lives is appreciated by those who help them and, most importantly, by those who benefit from our services.”
The Gate House Shelter
Thomas M. Dougher, Jr., Executive Director

“This grant will go a long way to help feed, clothe and provide shelter for the poorest of the poor in the Harrisburg area. Thank you.”
Silence of Mary Home
Susan Rudy, Executive Director

We are pleased to accept this grant towards shelter, which we anticipate will help us serve an increased number of clients. Thank you to our friends of the Diocese. We are grateful for your generosity!”
Pregnancy & Family Resource Center
Linda Skehan, BSN, Director

“This morning I received a phone call from a woman who asked if we had a blanket and a knit cap. Another man came into the office recently and work has been very slow. He needed some groceries to help make ends meet. Another man came up to me after a recent Chapel Service and said, that was exactly what I needed. By God’s grace we are able to meet these physical and spiritual needs. We thank God for your partnership in the Gospel. May God bless you richly for your generous grant and for your ongoing efforts to fulfill the Lord’s instruction in Matthew 25. Thank You!”
Race Track Chaplaincy of America
Chaplain David Dow

“This is a dream come true for us. We always strive to help as many people as we can and with the grant we will reach out to many more people in need of our services.”
Shining Light Thrift Shop, Harrisburg
Connie Hanna and the Board of Directors

“The check arrived at the most appropriate time, in order to continue our stewardship to serve our elderly in a desperate time of need.”
Ann Joachim House, Kulpmont
Agnes J. Delaney, Administrator

“Too many moms and dad’s trade these memories for empty arms. They were deceived into believing that abortion would solve their problems. We’ll never know what our neighborhoods and our own lives have missed by the death of these children. Keli a former client shared…thank you so much for your help. I know I wouldn’t have had the courage to have my son without you.”
Morning Star Pregnancy Services, Harrisburg
Diane Myers, Director of Donor Relations

“Within days of receiving the grant, the Matthew 25 funds provided emergency shelter for two families until they could move into a permanent residence. No child should ever be without a safe roof over their head.”
The Samaritan Fellowship, Inc., Carlisle
Frank P. Castrina, MD
Chair of Grant Application Committee

“We are very blessed to have neighbors taking care of those in our community who are truly in need of help. Your support makes a difference as we work to feed the poor and hungry in eastern Cumberland and northern York counties. Each year, close to 7,000 individuals from more than 2,600 families receive assistance from New Hope, many of whom are looking for food to help feed their families. Please know that those we serve will not go hungry because of your generosity in supporting our mission of sharing Christ’s love by meeting human needs. Thank you!”
New Hope Ministries, Dillsburg
Eric Saunders, Executive Director

“Your vital support helps make essential programs and services to homeless women and their children possible. Furthermore, the numerous stories of renewed strength, self-esteem, and the restoration of lives and dreams are again made possible with your help. It is in that spirit that we thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve the hundreds of women and children…”
Shalom House, Harrisburg
Denise Britton, Executive Director

“Because of these funds and others funds, that we recruit in the local area, we are able to embrace the ‘strangers’ who come to the Church for help.”
Manos Unidas, Gettysburg
Reverend Bernardo Pistone Pastor,
Saint Francis Xavier Church

“…these funds will be used for the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables, supplying a more nutritional lunch for those people who come to our door.”
Mary Ann and Bob Welsh, Coordinators, BBLP,
Father Norman Hohenwarter and the volunteers of our Saint Anne Church, Lancaster
Mary Ann and Bob Welsh, Coordinators

“Your generosity to our Baskets for Babies program will help us continue to bring a ray of sunshine into the darkness many of our neighbors are experiencing. May God bless you for being a point of light to us and many others in our area!”
Carlisle Area Family Life Center, Carlisle
Lori A. Peters, Executive Director

“Your support of our program for food for those in need is greatly appreciated.”
Northeastern Food Pantry, Mount Wolf
Robert D. Custer

“Our goal is to help those less fortunate in our parish and community. Your kindness and support has made it possible to meet the needs of several individuals and families who are struggling on a daily basis. We appreciate your help in making our ongoing mission possible.”
Saint Joseph Church,
Saint Vincent de Paul Society, Lancaster
Jennifer Figlio, Treasurer

“The funds that you have given us will allow us to help those who are having difficulty paying their rent. The current economic conditions are hard on all of us. The Columbia area is hard hit with unemployment and the local government assistance agencies are being tapped to the limit. Your generosity will ease the hardship felt by many.”
Saint Peter Church,
Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Columbia

John F. Berr, President

“We are always in awe of the many blessings that are bestowed onto our community through generosity and stewardship. Your gift to the children of our community will allow us to continue the service and kindness that has become more and more difficult due to our failing economy. Thank you and may God bless you all for your love.”
New-View Community Part ners , Etters
JoBeth Coleman and Wendy Clark

“Thank you for your generosity to allow us to continue our ministry of serving those in need.”
OMPH Benevolent Society, Ephrata

“We are humbled and honored to receive our grant. We will use this blessing wisely in aiding our residents.”
Haven Ministry, Inc.
Pamela Mangini-Steffen, Executive Director

Mrs. Sharon Turner
Mr. Francis Viglietta
Rev. Daniel C. Mitzel
Mrs. Zenoria McMorris-Owens
Mr. Michael Simmers
Mrs Cheryl Patchin
Rev. David Danneker
Mr. Pete Biasucci
Mrs. Beth Malpass
Mrs. Kim Roche

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