Pentecost Collection

Pentecost Collection

Stoking the Spirit’s Flame…in the Hearts of our Seminarians

Your continued generosity can and does make an impact in the lives of our seminarians.

Our Diocese has been blessed by a significant increase in the number of Seminarians within the past several years. This increase in vocations is a positive sign of the spiritual health and vitality of the Church in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Through your gifts to the Pentecost Collection, our Seminarians can completely devote themselves to the formation process and not need to worry about their meals, lodging or tuition.

Thank you for your generous support. Please continue to pray for our men in formation and for the continued vitality of vocations.

May 2020

Dear Friends in Christ,

The Acts of the Apostles describes how our Blessed Mother and the Apostles gathered in the upper room behind locked doors waiting in prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit.  We can relate to their “sheltering in place” as we eagerly look forward to gathering once again with family and friends, with co-workers and with fellow parishioners.

This recent academic semester has been for our seminarians a similar time of turbulence seasoned with joy. Almost all have been sent home from their seminaries while still taking part in their classes, lectures, and formation sessions remotely.  They have been assisting their pastors with livestreamed liturgies and services. Through all this our seminarians have remained firm in their commitment to priestly formation, their prayer for others, and in their zeal to be of service to God’s holy people.

When I have visited our seminarians this past year at their various seminaries, they have always been most grateful for the tremendous support they receive personally from many organizations and individuals. Our twenty-four men in active studies are dedicated to being part of the movement of the Holy Spirit to bring new life and energy into our Church and so into our world.  Our seminarians pray for the people of the diocese every day, and I ask you to pray for them and for more young men to step forward with a positive response to the Lord’s call to the priesthood.

The Annual Pentecost Collection is one of the most important resources we have to provide the funds necessary to educate and assist so many men in their journey to the altar.  The cost to educate our seminarians is almost $1 million every year: the education and formation of your future priests – men with zeal for souls – is one of our greatest responsibilities as the people of God.

Our Annual Pentecost Collection will be taken up this May 30/31. I know that many of us are struggling due to the Covid-19 crisis, but I ask you to give whatever support you can to this collection which supports the formation of our future priests.

Thank you for your faithfulness and for your past generosity.  I pray that just as Our Lady and the Apostles went forth with joy to proclaim Christ that first Pentecost, soon we too may gather around the altar of praise, to be filled with grace and so help renew the face of the earth.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer
Bishop of Harrisburg

The Diocese of Harrisburg invests nearly $1 million annually in the formation of our Seminarians. Your support is vital to our continued efforts to provide strong, faithful servants for our Diocese.

$15 – Discernment book
$25 – Lunch with a prospective candidate
$40 – One class hour
$75 – Seminary application fee
$200 – Per person Quo Vadis Days retreat cost
$250 – Semester book stipend
$300 – Meals during Holy Week, orientation, or school visits
$600 – Retreat before ordination
$1,400 – Seminarian summer internship
$2,000 – Psychological evaluation for an applicant
$10,000 – Summer spiritual program and Spanish immersion
$37,000 – Yearly tuition, room and board for one seminarian

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