Pentecost Collection

Pentecost Collection

Please Invest In Our Past, Present & Future

Your continued generosity helps to provide for the needs of our priests, deacons, and seminarians. Thank you for your generous support and please pray for vocations.

Our diocese has been blessed by a significant increase in the number of seminarians within the past several years. This increase in vocations is a sign of the spiritual health and vitality of the Church in our diocese.

The funds raised support:

  • Seminarians
  • Vocations
  • Priests Continuing Formation
  • Priest Study
  • Permanent Diaconate Continuing Formation
  • Supplemental Medical Expenses

May 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

The call to the priesthood and ministerial service for the Church is both a great mystery and a welcome gift. The one who feels in his heart a call to service by the Lord Himself first presents himself to a Diocese or Religious Order for consideration as a candidate for Seminary formation. Once accepted, a man discerning the call to the ordained ministry undergoes years of academic preparation, spiritual growth, and pastoral practice. When the formation process is completed, and he is deemed ready to receive Sacred Orders, a Bishop calls the man to Ordination for service in a particular Diocese or for a Religious Order.

The Church believes that the Holy Spirit continues to inspire the hearts of believers to give themselves in lives of service as a priest or deacon. Those chosen by God are often feeling both surprised by the heart’s growing desire for priestly service and are a little frightened at the prospect of leaving all things behind to follow the pattern of life set by Jesus. That is why the words of Jesus are so powerful when He says: “You have not chosen Me; I have chosen you.” These words speak of God’s limitless love that transforms the one chosen from being equal to a “slave to now being Christ’s friend” (John 15:15); from engaging in the world’s work to being an ordained Disciple.

The theme for this year’s Pentecost Collection, “I have chosen you,” reminds us of an astonishing thought: It is not about what we do; it is about what Jesus does in and through us. His call and choice of individuals for ministry equips, inspires, and enables a man to answer the Lord’s call. Through the Bishop’s laying on of hands and Consecratory Prayer during the Rite of Ordination, the Church confirms the man’s call and expresses its conviction that God did choose this man for service in the Church.

We have many young men in our Diocese who have entered the seminary to further discern God’s call in their lives. In our Permanent Diaconate Program, we have over 45 men who are also discerning the call to the ministry of charity and service. Our retired priests, after a life of faithful service in the priesthood, continue to serve our Diocese through lives of prayer, witness, and Sacramental Service to Parishes. Your generous response to the Pentecost Collection assists me in supporting these men who are in seminary formation, Permanent Diaconate preparation, or who have retired.

Your prayers and generosity help form priests and deacons who, in turn, become dispensers of God’s mysteries. Your love and support of the preparation process for Ordination inspires and enables these men to deeply discern how God has chosen them to become “friends of Christ.” They will strive to imitate Him who is gentle and humble of heart, chaste, humble and obedient to the Father’s Will. With your continued assistance our Diocese will be blessed with many good and holy priests and deacons willing and ready to journey with you and your families and lead you to His Kingdom.

May the Lord bless and reward your generous response and may Mary, Queen of the Clergy, intercede for your intentions before Her Son’s throne!

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer
Bishop of Harrisburg

TOTAL BUDGET – $2,093,219
SEMINARIANS – $1,382,949
VOCATIONS – $118,063
PRIEST STUDY – $90,554

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