Pentecost Collection

Pentecost Collection

Stoking the Spirit’s Flame…in the Hearts of our Seminarians

Your continued generosity can and does make an impact in the lives of our seminarians.

Our Diocese has been blessed by a significant increase in the number of Seminarians within the past several years. This increase in vocations is a positive sign of the spiritual health and vitality of the Church in the Diocese of Harrisburg. Through your gifts to the Pentecost Collection, our Seminarians can completely devote themselves to the formation process and not need to worry about their meals, lodging or tuition.

Thank you for your generous support. Please continue to pray for our men in formation and for the continued vitality of vocations.

May 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

As we near the end of the Easter season with the celebration of Pentecost, I pray you have found these 50 days to be a time of renewal and spiritual growth. As I reflect on that first Pentecost and the power the Apostles received to “go and make of all disciples,” I am reminded of the spiritual call to which so many men in our Diocese have responded. There have been many times that these men in formation have expressed to me their deep appreciation for the prayers, cards and financial support from the faithful of our Diocese.

I wish you all could hear the joy in their voices when they speak of feeling the effects of your prayers; the deep, fatherly love they display when speaking of being shepherds for our faith community; and the humility and gratitude they express because of your financial gifts. I cannot help but reflect back on my own formation journey when speaking with our next generation of priests, and I describe the same joys, the same humility and the same love these men are experiencing.

As members of our faith family, each year at this time, we have an opportunity to show our support of and gratitude for these men in formation for the priesthood. In addition to our prayers during and after their formation, our seminarians are also in need of our financial support.

Our Annual Pentecost Collection provides the much needed financial resources to assist our seminarians through the formation process. We are currently blessed with 26 seminarians whose education costs total nearly $1 million annually.

With the many challenges facing our Church, it is vital that we are providing a proper education and formation for our seminarians, who are the future laborers in the Lord’s Vineyard in Central Pennsylvania. Through my many meetings with these men, I have complete confidence that the future of our Church will be in very good hands.

Please join me in embracing this opportunity to provide a solid foundation for a future filled with hope in the Diocese of Harrisburg. I ask for your prayerful support of and your generous and sacrificial gift to this year’s Pentecost Collection.

In gratitude, I pray that the Lord will continue to bless each of you and reward your generous response. May our Blessed Mother Mary keep you in her maternal care and protection.

Sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Ronald W. Gainer
Bishop of Harrisburg

The Diocese of Harrisburg invests nearly $1 million annually in the formation of our Seminarians. Your support is vital to our continued efforts to provide strong, faithful servants for our Diocese.

$15 – Discernment book
$25 – Lunch with a prospective candidate
$40 – One class hour
$75 – Seminary application fee
$200 – Per person Quo Vadis Days retreat cost
$250 – Semester book stipend
$300 – Meals during Holy Week, orientation, or school visits
$600 – Retreat before ordination
$1,400 – Seminarian summer internship
$2,000 – Psychological evaluation for an applicant
$10,000 – Summer spiritual program and Spanish immersion
$37,000 – Yearly tuition, room and board for one seminarian

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