Office of Multicultural Ministries

The Diocese of Harrisburg has a rich heritage of cultural diversity and ethnicity. The Office of Multicultural Ministries seeks:

  • To build bridges of mutual respect and understanding between the Anglo and ethnic-minority communities throughout the diocese.
  • To promote and develop a culturally and ethnically diverse diocese.
  • To address pastoral and spiritual needs as well as promote the full participation in the life of the Church of the following diocesan apostolates: Black Catholic, Hispanic, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Addressing Racism

The Logo of the Black Catholic Apostolate of the Diocese of Harrisburg

Black Catholic Apostolate

To address the social, economic and spiritual concerns of all persons of African ancestry.

Hispanic Apostolate

The Hispanic Apostolate seeks to provide spiritual and pastoral services to the Hispanic community of the diocese.

Korean Apostolate

Saint Peter Son Korean Catholic Community.

Vietnamese Apostolate

Serving the Vietnamese Catholic Population of Harrisburg.

The Office of Multicultural Ministries collaborates with the following groups that celebrate their Catholic faith and rich cultures:


Deacon Armando Torres

Director for Culture & Outreach

Phone: 717-657-4804 x221