The names of the following deceased persons have been submitted by their parishes. Please remember in your prayers the happy repose of these recently departed souls and the consolation of their loved ones. To view previous obituary listings, visit

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St. Joseph:
June S. Villa Cooke
Marguerite “Margie” Lovecchio
Paul M. Levitski
Mary Ann Peterson
Verna E. Grifasi
Grace M. Cretella
Nancy A. Procida
Philomena Dalto
Elaine DiAustine Ego
Gaetano “Guy” Bankes
John “Jack” Papada

St. Columba:
Helen Anne Pollard

St. Patrick:
Ann Marie Warrell Ferriman
Cynthia L. Killmeyer-Ebert

Our Lady of Fatima:
Maureen Mumma

Assumption BVM:
Rita Corsi

Assumption BVM:
John Arnold
Anne Heverling
Virginia Eisenhauer
Wilma Urban

St. Cecilia:
Jacqueline Saylor

Sacred Heart of Jesus:
John J. Lommo
Dr. Robert L. Kauffman

Seven Sorrows BVM:
Lee Tyson

Prince of Peace:
Peggy Ann Cigic
Marjorie Belsak

St. Monica:
Leona Schreffler

St. Joseph:
Dale E. Hein
John “Jack” Welsh

Deceased Clergy

Please pray for the following clergy who died in August during the past 25 years:

Deacon Morris MacAdam, 1996

Msgr. Thomas McGough, 1997

Msgr. Leo A. Beierschmitt, 2002

Deacon John Rocco, 2002

Father Francis Lahout, 2003

Father Hugh J. McLaughlin, 2005

Msgr. Francis Hudak, 2005

Father Charles Slough, 2009

Father Joseph Kofchock, 2010

Msgr. Thomas R.  Brenner, 2011

Msgr. George W. Rost, 2012

Deacon Frank Eckman, 2012

Msgr. Thomas Smith, 2014

Father Kenneth Lawrence, 2017