The Catechism of the Catholic Church

“Merciful Father, hear our prayers and console us. As we renew our faith in your Son, whom you raised from the dead, strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisterswill share in his resurrection, who lives and reigns with youand the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.”

2299: The dying should be given attention and care to help them live their last moments in dignity and peace. They will be helped by the prayer of their relatives, who must see to it that the sick receive at the proper time the sacraments that prepare them to meet the living God.

2300: The bodies of the dead must be treated with respect and charity, in faith and hope of the Resurrection. The burial of the dead is a corporal work of mercy; it honors the children of God, who are temples of the Holy Spirit.


Catholic Funerals – Death, dying and funerals are three topics most people do not want to discuss willingly until the time comes. This edition of Catholic Perspective explains the three parts of the funeral ritual in the Catholic Church that can help the family through a very sad, trying time. These including: the vigil or visitation for the deceased, the funeral mass or liturgy and the rite of committal at the burial site. Father Neil Sullivan explains the purpose of the rituals and how various practices can lend support at this time. He also address many common questions and misunderstood points in Catholic teaching on death and funerals ranging from ‘Last Rites’, selection of music, eulogies, the burial of non-Catholics and suicide.