Parish in Bonneauville

12 East Hanover Street, Bonneauville, PA 17325

Church, Parking,
Restrooms, Social Hall

Office: 717-334-2510
Fax: 717-337-1968

Pastor: Rev Benny Jose
Deacon: Deacon Richard J Weaver

Weekend Mass Vigil: 4:30PM
Weekend Mass Sunday: 8:00AM & 10:30AM

Weekday Mass:
Monday 8:00AM
Tuesday 8:00AM
Wednesday 7:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM
Friday 8:00AM
Saturday 8:00AM

Holy Day Vigil Mass: 5:30PM

Devotion: First Friday – all day Adoration with Benediction at 3:30 PM

Sacrament of Penance: Saturday 3:30-4:00PM