Religious Education Committee

The Diocesan Religious Education Committee

Support and consultation for the Diocesan Director of Religious Education

The Diocesan Religious Education Committee serves as an essential means of support and consultation for the Diocesan Director of Religious Education.

This committee, whose membership is drawn from diverse catechetical apostolates and geographical locations throughout the Diocese of Harrisburg, is consultative to the Diocesan Director for Religious Education for:

  • Revising the C/DRE Handbook
  • Developing and implementing the Annual C/DRE in-service day
  • Developing and revising policy and procedure for C/DRE’s and parish programs
  • Reviewing and suggesting diocesan catechetical guidelines and materials for First Penance, First Communion, and Confirmation
  • Developing and implementing alternate models in catechesis-including special needs catechesis
  • Reviewing and revising the K-12 Diocesan Religious Education Curriculum
  • Developing and implementing the CRE certification process

The work of this committee benefits the mission of catechesis across the entire Diocese. Members are appointed by the Diocesan Secretary for Education for three year terms. Members may be renewed for a second consecutive three year term. Following a second term, individuals are eligible for additional service to the Committee after a period of one year.

Contact Our Committee

Mr James Gontis

Office: 717-657-4804 227

Kelly Lawrence
Committee Member

Office: 717-738-4517

Anne Marie Boltz
Committee Member

Office: 717-272-5674

Janice Roadcap
Committee Member

Office: 717-692-3504

Marcie Warner
Committee Member

Office: 717-838-9934

Patricia Meyer
Committee Member

Office: 717-394-0669

Mrs Becky Fair
Committee Member

Office: 717-232-2169 211

Mrs Deborah Holt
Committee Member

Joseph Mullen
Committee Member

Mrs Julie Shuyler
Committee Member

Rose Barnas
Committee Member

Office: 717-626-5580

Sr Rosanne Karmazin SSJ
Committee Member

Office: 717-259-9426

Mrs Paula Sivulka
Committee Member

Mrs Stacey White
Committee Member

Julie Worhach
Committee Member

Office: 717-795-8572

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