Services and Programs

Respect Life Services and Programs

Pennies for Life

A program for parishes and schools. Participants are asked to donate one penny for each year of their lives in thanksgiving to God for the life He has given them.

Spiritual Adoption Program for Schools

Purpose: to have the school community pray for babies in danger of abortion and to educate students about the development of the unborn child over the period of nine months before birth.

The school can participate in a number of ways:

  • each student can individually spiritually adopt a baby
  • each classroom can spiritually adopt a baby
  • the entire school/religious education program, as a whole, can spiritually adopt a baby
Spiritual Adoption Program for Parishes

Purpose: This program is designed to have the entire parish community pray for babies in danger of abortion.

Rachel’s Vineyard

RV is an intimate spiritual journey, through a weekend retreat experience, for anyone seeking healing after an abortion. The time away provides an opportunity for participants to enter more deeply into the grieving process and experience the power of resurrection in their own lives.

Pregnancy Centers

The Respect Life Office works with pregnancy centers that provide education, emotional support and material assistance to women facing an unplanned or unexpected pregnancy.

Educational Materials and Resources

Educational materials and resources are provided to parishes and schools by the Respect Life Office, upon request. These resources can be sent via US mail or picked up at the Diocese of Harrisburg administrative building on 4800 Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg. To order call 717.657.4804 ext 294 or email us.

Creating a Pro-Life Classroom

There are many opportunities to bring the “respect for life” message into the classroom and cultivate a positive atmosphere towards new life. These efforts need not require extensive preparation time or additional work. Activities are designed for easy use with students and are categorized for easy reference.

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