Pennsylvania Access to the Criminal History Check

NOTE: Please be aware that the fee for the PA State Police Criminal Record Check is $22.00 for applicants who complete an application for Employment, Adoption, Foster Care, Other or Visa purposes.

Volunteers will not be affected, as the fee will remain waived so long as the PA State Police Criminal Record Check application is completed for Volunteer purposes.

Please direct calls to the PATCH Helpdesk – 1-888-783-7972

The repository was created and is maintained in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Criminal History Information Act contained in Chapter 91 of Title 18, Crimes Code. This Act also directs the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) to disseminate criminal history data to criminal justice agencies, non-criminal justice agencies and individuals on request. Criminal justice agencies can access all of an individual’s criminal history record information (CHRI). Requests made by noncriminal justice agencies and individuals are subject to edit criteria contained in the law.


  • Employees – $22.00
  • Volunteers – FREE (provided free of charge to volunteers every 57 months)


Kristin Lingle

Youth Protection Clearance Information

Office: 717-657-4804 x220

PATCH Helpdesk

Pennsylvania Access to the Criminal History Check

PH: 1-888-783-7972

CWIS Support Center

Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance – Childline

PH: 1-877-343-0494

Michelle Shae

Safe Environment Director

Office: 717-657-4804 x234