November 9, 2017

St. Joseph’s in York Celebrates One Parish with Much Diversity

St. Joseph Parish in York is home to over 3,200 diverse families representing many nationalities. Parishioners are natives of India, Vietnam, Ghana, Liberia, Argentina, Mexico, Italy and Poland, just to name a few. The Hospitality Ministry of the Church recently hosted their 2nd annual Multicultural Potluck Dinner to celebrate this gift of merging diversity.

St. Joseph’s in York Celebrates One Parish with Much DiversityFood is a great unifier across cultures. It has been said, “You have to taste a culture to understand it.” On Sunday evening, Oct. 1, parishioners shared their favorite ethnic dishes; food from five of the seven continents was represented. Over 500 attendees feasted on dishes such as homemade pierogies, curried shrimp, cheesy empanadas, palm butter soup, jolloff rice, pancit noodles and many other delicious entrees. Among the desserts were Irish porter cake, Indian Jalebi and beautifully decorated Italian cookies. North American regional foods such as southern BBQ, chicken pot-pie and apple crisp were also enjoyed.

Colorful flags from countries all over the world and cultural music playing in the background transformed the parish hall into a jubilant festival where faith and fellowship expanded. Cultural entertainment was showcased as well. Emcee and parishioner Sean Haney narrated an African Fashion Show. The parish’s Vietnamese choir, Irish dancers, and a young Mariachi singer also performed. Halfway through the evening, everyone joined in singing “God Bless America.”

This yearly event has increased awareness and appreciation for the many cultures within St. Joseph community. Psalm 67:4 states, “May the nations be glad & sing for joy, for you rule the peoples with equity and guide the nations of the earth.” The many nations of St. Joseph Parish were wonderfully united that evening and all sang for joy!

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