Technology Curriculum (Pre-K to Grade 12)

The Department of Education of the Diocese of Harrisburg seeks to assist in the spiritual academic, social, and physical development of students through a program and an environment marked by distinctly Catholic Christian values. We offer knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church, an experience of Christian community, and an opportunity to develop skills for promoting a just, peace-filled society.

The Department of Education of the Diocese of Harrisburg views technology as:

  • an effective and essential tool, capable of enhancing both the communication skills and productive capacity of our students, staff and parents
  • a means of developing technological proficiency that will:
    • enable our students and staff to maintain their access to information
    • enhance problem-solving skills,
    • encourage collaborative lifelong learning
    • build effective communicators and responsible citizens.


Mr. Daniel Breen

Superintendent of Catholic Schools and Secretary for Education

Mrs. Margaret Barrett

Associate Superintendent for Curriculum and Government Programs

Mrs. Karen Luckie

Administrative Assistant for the Office of Catholic Education