The Catholic Witness Newspaper

The Catholic Witness Newspaper

The Official Newspaper of the Diocese of Harrisburg

It was established in 1966 by Bishop George L. Leech. It is published 24 times a year. Except during July and Christmas/New Year’s, the paper goes to press is printed on a biweekly basis and is also available electronically via email.

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In a letter to the priests and people of the diocese, Bishop Leech said that Jesus’ last and most precious words spoken on earth were, “You shall be witnesses for me…”

“Dearly beloved, like Peter and the Apostles who bore the proud name of Christian, we are called and commanded to be witnesses for Christ in our own modern and fleeting day – pope, bishop, priest and layman, precisely because in Baptism we have been incorporated into Christ.”

– Bishop Leech

He said that it was obvious that the newspaper should be called The Catholic Witness because the paper would be one more means of discharging the duty of teaching, guiding and feeding the flock of Christ. He also said, “The Catholic Witness will be of personal and practical help as we try to be loyal and true witnesses for Christ in our daily living, spiritual and temporal, in private and in public.”

Our diocesan newspaper has brought the truth of Jesus to all those who read it. It has challenged and consoled, informed and formed, united and helped its readership.

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