Welcome to our new website. More than two years in the making, we pray you will find our new website delivers a user-friendly and dynamic browsing experience. Not sure where to start? Visit the Offices Listings page for our Directory.

We understand the launch of our new website may raise questions as we continue to move through the reorganization for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg. Please understand that our communications team had funded the majority of the effort to complete a new site before any conversations began regarding a possible reorganization. Funding for this new site was made possible through the Catholic Communications Campaign collection. Additionally, this website is critical in helping to disseminate information regarding our reorganization as well as allowing us to save printing costs as we transfer hard copy assets, like The Catholic Witness, to digital.

Thank you to all those who support our communications ministry as we work to use the power to print, digital and social medias to share the love of Christ.