Catholic Scouting

Catholic Scouting in the Diocese

Mass for Catholic Scouting on April 19, 2015

Our office supports Catholic Scouting for both the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts, by working with the Diocesan Catholic Committees on Scouting and by providing resources, booklets and Catholic emblems (boys)/ recognitions (girls) for Catholic adults and youth.

The Committees are made up of volunteer scout leaders that represent the many scout councils within our diocese. The Boy Scout Committee meets six times a year, provides a yearly training for adult leaders and holds an annual Boy Scout Retreat. The Girls Scout committee meets quarterly and also provides yearly training for adult leaders.

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The Diocesan Scouting Recognition Mass planned for April 26 at St. Catherine Labouré Church in Harrisburg has been cancelled. Congratulations to all Scouts who have completed their projects this year.

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National Catholic Committee on Scouting Response to BSA’s Membership Standards

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